In From The Field

Tiny beetles on a nice blue flower. Told you I have a lot to learn!

I’m in from the field. The mud is drying on my cracked, leaky boots, my binoculars are safely snuggled up in their case, and my trusty all weather hat is hanging on the wardrobe door, grateful no doubt for a respite from guarding my head against sun, rain, and nasty little flies. My data is entered, the last few jars of beetles are gently decomposing in the garage, awaiting preservation, and my valiant weather-beaten, pigeon-poo-strewn, hedgerow-scratched chariot is looking forward to being thoroughly cleaned, at last.

Most unfortunately, this means I’ve run out of excuses for now to go outside, enjoy myself in the sunshine, see wonderful things, and still describe it as ‘work’. So I’m mostly spending my time scratching my head over the response of my bird data to a million and one variables, trying to make sense of an awful lot of numbers, whilst struggling to make a dry scientific report sparkle and sing like landmark Pulitzer-winning investigative journalism. It’s hard to be entertaining and witty in the third person, alas, whilst remaining both accurate and informative, so I’ll have to scratch that particular itch via the stylistic free-for-all known as blogging – allowing you, kind readers, to judge whether I am successful!

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