They Keep A Welcome

P1050509I enjoy marking holidays on this blog, as I have Christmas or Halloween in the past. I reckon there’s always a way to bring any subject back to birds. Perhaps I should indulge a sense of celebration more often by sifting through the calendar for more obscure dates such as ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day’* and covering those as well. Which reminds me that yesterday was St David’s Day: that patron of Wales and wearer of leeks. Lest I offend potential Welsh readers, I should point out that this isn’t an obscure holiday at all round here, but the national day of one of the United Kingdom’s constituent countries.

Or is it a country? I’ve never been entirely sure. England certainly is, Scotland is currently arguing about whether to become a fully independent one, and Ireland is a nation divided between two states. Wales, though, both stands proud and alone on the one hand, but also subsumed by its larger neighbour on the other. The English crown annexed it as a principality, though as to when or how my knowledge of history is too slight to say. Despite this, Wales almost seems more at home with itself than any other part of Britain. I’ve no doubt there’s a problem or two lurking somewhere deep in the valleys, but to the casual observer such as myself Wales simply gets on with being Welsh.

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