Black Fly-day

I know not all wildlife lovers will share my anti-capitalist, left-wing tendencies, which according to the Political Compass website are more pronounced than I had suspected. And I’m talking more left-wing than Hugo Chavez (I’m not sure how they worked that out!). But surely few would disagree that today’s reported scenes of stampedes and brawls in shops – caused by the recently imported American tradition of ‘Black Friday’ bargains – are the very antithesis of a grounded, fulfilled life that might be the hallmark of somebody in tune with nature and at ease in the world.

I reckon everyone’s been hoodwinked. Yes, some products are available cheaper than they would be on other days of the year. But the aim of the companies selling them is still to make money, not charity. You can be sure that the net profits of corporations indulging in discounting will be undented, if not enhanced by Black Friday. The only ‘success’ racked up today is the sale of things nobody really needed to some people who really, really didn’t need them, but who still often bought multiples of one household appliance – because they’re bargains, right, and who doesn’t want to run three coffee machines at once?

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