About Considering Birds

This blog is the ongoing tale of one tea-dependent Englishman’s experience of wild birds and the wider natural world. I aim to take the scenic route, via a considered – hence the title – and somewhat philosophical approach, whilst remaining, I hope, both readable and entertaining. As a result most pieces of writing (this introduction included) you find here will significantly exceed the contemporary standard of 140 characters. I am also on twitter, though: give me a follow! (@hatbirder)

I live near Reading, Berkshire, in the obscure parish of Ruscombe, and most of my explorations – and thus blogging – occur hereabouts. Increasingly I’m confined to the university campus where I work as a teaching assistant and research student – not such a bad thing as it’s an award winning greenspace teeming with interesting wildlife. However, since my wife Rebecca is from the USA I do tend to find myself Stateside once or twice a year, and the blog generally follows me. In fact I usually manage to make more time for writing whilst I’m away.

I’m glad you found me at Considering Birds. Please grab a cup of tea, make yourself comfortable, and stay a while.


Incidentally, whilst I don’t as a rule take great photographs I’m happy for them to be reused elsewhere, should you for some reason wish to, and provided you clearly acknowledge the source (i.e. a nice link to this blog would be lovely). But please do ask me first. I’m very unlikely to say no.

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4 thoughts on “About Considering Birds

    • Thanks for the comment! Nice to see you have an interest in weather, I actually studied Meteorology for my BSc though I’m fairly rusty! Birds have rather taken over in the years since.

  1. Chris-
    Came across your blog this morning after seeing your excellent reply to Mark Avery’s latest blog entry.
    Your prose is a delight and I will bookmark (and link your blog to my links page) if you dont mind.
    (I have followed similar lines to your blogging history it would seem and now have limited myself to what I enjoy most on my website).
    Anyway. I will try and find time to visit your superb site regularly from now on. Thanks

    • Doug, welcome to the blog and thanks for your very kind words. Just been enjoying the fascinating fieldfare clip you linked to on your site – I was hoping they would find our apples here in Hampshire during the snow but it was not to be. I guess you are not based so far away. I’ll reciprocate with a link if I ever get round to formatting a links page! I keep promising one…
      All the best,

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