Alter Ego

I wish to alert regular readers of this blog to a new project over at

Ever since starting this somewhat anonymous blog (if having my name at the top of every entry can be called anonymous!) I have resisted having a more eponymous web presence. However, self-promotion seems to be the name of the game in ecology and conservation nowadays – ironically for a field which purports to be all about wildlife – so for those times when it becomes useful, I have put together a simple site on which I can plug the various things I’m involved in.

Continuing with the marvelous WordPress platform that I’ve become used to means I also have a new blog space to play with. I’ll be posting more of a jumble of content on chrisfosternature, from quick nature notes and observations to updates on my PhD research. I will post more often and edit less carefully*. Don’t go to it expecting ‘art’, in other words, but I do hope it will be interesting! I confess I’m slightly pleased to have somewhere to blog that doesn’t have the word bird in the title, since I write about all kinds of wildlife nowadays.

What I hesitate to call my ‘polished’ material will still be arriving here on a roughly weekly basis (more or less, as time and inspiration allows). So have no fear, Considering Birds lives on and moves on, hopefully towards a great and glorious future! Every so often, I’ll also post a roundup here of posts on ‘the other blog’ as well as links to any writing of mine which appears elsewhere. Thanks for sticking with me.

*My wife Rebecca a.k.a. Bookish Beck is wholly responsible for the high standard of editing on Considering Birds!


One thought on “Alter Ego

  1. Hi, Chris. Congratulations on your new venture. Will you please help me make sure I get all your entries? Thanks.

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