Twelve Days of Wildlife Christmas

Like the weather, I’m going dark. It’s time to withdraw from the frenetic pace of the internet for a while and try to truly inhabit the peace of Christmas. But should communication appear from me over the next couple of weeks, rest assured I am not cheating. Well, I am a little, since it turns out that you can time blog entries as well as tweets. So I’ll be posting from beyond the great divide this Christmas.

And what a festive treat I have in store! At the end of each of the 12 days of Christmas,* when you’re replete with festive goodies and almost out of good cheer, what better restorative than to catch up with the official Considering Birds 12 Wild Days Of Christmas™? Each short entry will celebrate one of a dozen species that I’ve fairly hastily chosen to represent the natural history of my year.

My choices, comprising four birds, four insects and four plants, display a certain taxonomic bias. I’ve deliberately had plants keep pace with my favourite groups since it is my recurring resolution to know plants better. But what of fungi? Molluscs? Worms? Crustaceans? It’s not that I’m failing to see or appreciate a wider diversity of wildlife, more that for whatever reason nothing else lodged in my imagination the way these 12 choices have.

It turns out I deployed the same 4-4-4 formation the last time I wrote an end-of-year round-up. Clearly, my first New Year’s resolution is to ensure that 2015’s end-of-year catch up is more diverse. But that’s all to come. For now I simply hope you enjoy my recollections of 2014, and I wish all of you who are kind enough to read this blog a peaceful Christmas and a wildlife-rich New Year.

*And I assert that the 12 are all of great importance, despairing at the way commercial Christmas robs us of festive spirit by the time we’ve only just slunk past lunchtime on the 25th.

A few months worth of the unfortunate species that didn’t make the list: more to follow! 

One thought on “Twelve Days of Wildlife Christmas

  1. Hi, Chris. I enjoyed ALL of God’s creations, but particularly: 5701 — the stand-off/greeting 5138 5027/5082 the camos 5065 the gorgeous fuchsia one-eyed stare 4794 the snow leopard 4356 what in the world is this?

    Love, Carolyn

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