Words about birds

A few months back, my fellow MSc students and I were set a most curious essay about worms, and conservation, though as it turns out, the real ‘stars’ were supposed to be our good selves.

Reading back through what I wrote, all the things I should have said, or different ways I should have phrased things, came to me at once. Too late! I considered writing ‘Worms II’, some kind of big budget Hollywood style sequel, but instead, this being 2011 and all, I thought I’d take the narcisistic route and air the confused linen of my brain in public.

I can’t promise too much in the way of depth and reflection though will attempt to aim my thoughts that way from time to time. Otherwise, since there is quite enough banality on the internet already, I’ll go for sharing things I have seen that I thought were really cool. Which will mostly be birds, since I am a bit of a ‘bird crazed freak’, in my wife’s words, but who knows – I’m hoping that they are my gateway drug, wildlife wise, so perhaps something else will turn my head.

Having said it is 2011, I think most people moved on from blogs in about 2001, but in my defence I started in 2010 (rearrange those digits again!) — just didn’t get round to posting. Edited version of some pre-Christmas thoughts about Waxwings coming soon. Maybe tomorrow?

Birdman out.

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